Kate Smith is a professional dog trainer that allows you to choose which least invasive and minimally aversive methods are best for you and your dog – either purely positive or more balanced soul-based training techniques.


Pawz-itive Dog Training is based in Broward County, Florida near Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach. Training sessions are by appointment only. To inquire, please submit an application. To book a session as soon as possible – check out after you fill out your dog’s training application so Kate can start working with you. 

Inspiring Loyalty

Clients on average book  bi-weekly training sessions. 

Involved & Supportive

We work with all members of the family and encourage owners to reach out to us for continued support and training. We will guide you in the right direction when it comes to managing in-home behaviors and reactivity. Every program comes with remote and online support for one month every session you book. 

Environment Specific

We train to ensure long-term success. Each dog is unique and we will formulate a program that is the right fit for you and your dog. Expect to work on overcoming environmental stress with every training program. 

We may suggest a combined curriculum of in-home sessions and sessions in public and at our training facility.

Flexible Scheduling

The most we meet clients for sessions is once a week. Typically we suggest once or twice a month for private training. We want to help without breaking your bank. Our prices start at $95.00 per session and range up to $195.00 depending on the program you decide to choose for your dog. We will always try to keep our prices below the industry standard price.

Results & Goal Oriented

A good dog trainer is going to answer your questions before you have the opportunity to ask them. With individualized instruction there is much more opportunity for learning to occur as opposed to training your dog in a group setting.

Private training begins with submitting a training application where the objective is to obtain a behavior history of your dog and evaluate the relationship between you and your dog. In gathering all the essential information together Kate can begin developing a appropriate and effective training plan for you to follow.

Soul Based Training

Kate’s training approach is based on a deep understanding of dog behavior and psychology with a background in both Ethology and Cynology. To achieve a soul based relationship takes work on everyone’s behalf because it is all about you and your dog.



Ego-Based Relationship


Empowering Owners

Pawz-itive Dog Training is dedicated to methods and techniques that are ruled by ethics that is humane, compassionate, reliable, and also based on the latest scientific studies.

It’s not just about training the dog- Kate coaches both the owner and the dog to ensure total success. To make sure we set you both up to win, we will train with you to be able to give the direction and guidance your dog craves. Fortune favors the prepared… and we always try to be prepared for any and all things your dogs need to succeed.

Your dog’s overall happiness is our priority and we want to provide services that we would personally want to receive ourselves. 

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Keeping Your Dogs

Happy, Healthy & Well-Trained

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