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Our Pawzitive pup Luna graduated her Basic Obedience Course with flying colors

Before making a purchase, please Complete a Training Application so we can learn more about your expectations to better prepare for your training session. 

These training packages are only available to Broward County residents.

For Adult Training the price per session is $95-$145 plus tax for a private session.

The price is determined by travel distance/where you reside in relation to us or where we are meeting for training.

The average per program is 6-10 sessions. The sessions are about an hour long but be prepared for us to go over the time limit, because we want to be thorough. These classes are very hands on training sessions and we take you through our own Master Handler’s Course.

This course also includes the American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen test and Certification upon request for a small fee.

You book us as you want. There is no amount of sessions we require. Payment is required at the end of every session. We take all forms of payment. Cancelations are $40 if the session is missed, however if you give us 72 hours heads up the fee is waived.


First we begin with – Basic Obedience which is primarily focused on in-home training before moving on to Advanced Obedience where we work through commands in different environments.

The most crucial aspects are educating everyone and showing you the optimal ways to interact with your dog. Kate will concentrate on refining your basic handling skills and continue to challenge your dog. We will cover a wide array of commands adding more distractions at the college level as we progress in our sessions.

Even though some dogs prefer to receive toys or human attention over food, using food is typically the most effective strategy for getting quick results. 

We encourage you to videotape every one of our sessions (we will bring a tripod to record it on your phone), so you can use the videos as a resource in the future and help your dog practice the exercises we cover in between sessions.

Keep your dog as hungry and food-motivated as you can; it will assist a lot. It may be difficult for us to teach your dog new skills if they aren’t regularly eating food or treats from your hand and playing with toys.

The following instructions and objectives are implemented one-on-one with each of our client’s dogs during the adult training:

🐾 Socialization with people and/or dogs
🐩 Potty Training
🦮 Intro to heel (walking with you on leash)
🐕‍🦺 Sit
🐶 Down
🐕 Come
🐩 Stay
🤯 Jumping and Scratching
💁‍♀️ Receiving Guests (visit command)
🐕 Destructive Chewing
🗑️ Learning how to relax
🚫 Drop it and leave it
↗️ Pawing and nudging
🐕 Demand/attention seeking behaviors
📈 Confidence building exercises
🔊 Barking and preventing reacti
🍕 Stealing food and begging
🚪 Wait at the door
🏠 Crate Training
🏄‍♂️ Counter Surfing
🛑 Wait for food
🐕‍🦺 Digging Holes
💡 Place / Mark Training
🦮 Threshold Bolting (Escaping)

We will work on and go over Obedience, Socialization, Relationship Development, Impulse Control, Implementing Social Boundaries, Canine Enrichment and Fulfillment, Nutrition, Socialization and Exercise.

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