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Agility Training

Discover all the Pawz-abilities with private agility training. Teach your dog to gracefully leap over jumps & zoom through tunnels. Even if you don’t want to compete with your dog agility is a great way to bond and boost confidence through physical and mental challenges. Puppies are welcome for our size appropriate introductory obstacles.

Private Classes with Kate - $50 per hour

Agility Class Packages

Course Rental - $25 per hour

Located near Pompano Beach

Weight Limit - 120 Lbs *

pawz-tive dog training
How do we sign up and what should we expect?

To book fill out the registration below or contact us directly and Kate will schedule a time with you. This is a private agility class for up to three dogs at a time for $25.00- $50.00 for an hour per dog located near Pompano Beach, Florida. Please wear sun protective clothing if you book during the day and pants if you plan to train during the evening. You must wear closed toed shoes. 

If you want to rent the course without the trainer present to go over the course by yourselves, it’s $25.00 an hour per dog.

If you prefer to have Kate train with you and your dog through the agility course then it’s $50.00 an hour per dog. 


Is my dog too young to join?


Not at all – puppies young as eight weeks old can begin training through our course that was designed to be age and size appropriate.

A position statement on early socialization in puppies released in by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior encourages veterinarians to recommend puppies be socialized before the vaccine series is complete.

The guidelines state puppies can start socialization classes as early as 7 to 8 weeks of age. In general, they should receive a minimum of one set of vaccines at least seven days prior to the first class as well as a first deworming.

Additionally, puppies should show no signs of illness during the classes and should be kept up-to-date on vaccines throughout the class.

While veterinarians are appropriately concerned about infectious disease in young puppies, the fact is that behavioral issues—not infectious diseases—are the number one cause of death for dogs under 3 years of age, according to the AVSAB. Veterinarians contribute to these behavioral issues when recommending pets be kept away from possible germs until their vaccine series is complete, the AVSAB stated.

“Puppies go through a sensitive period of socialization when they are uniquely prepared to benefit from exposure to social opportunities. From the time the owner adopts the puppy until 3 to 4 months of age, it is critical that the owner get the puppy out to meet other animals and people, and experience many different kinds of environments,” said AVSAB president, Dr. E. Kathryn Meyer.

How do I pay?

Please pay at the end of every class or ahead of time by contacting Kate directly. We take all forms of payment with the exception of PayPal, Samsung & Apple Pay.  

Agility is originally what inspired Kate to become a dog trainer. In 2018, she started training dogs for agility as an outlet for dogs in shelters waiting to be adopted. 

Class Rules and General Tips:


Pack your dog’s favorite treats (think the higher the value, the more motivated they will be!) so that your dog will be more comfortable taking food they are used to.


If your dog is food and/or toy motivated then they will learn new skills and build confidence quicker while creating positive associations instead of negative ones. This is the main technique we use to guide dog’s through the class when they are first learning it.


Slip leashes or martingale collars are the best to have on your dog during agility class. 


Have a treat pouch/bag for convenience- one that you like wearing during class and is secure.


Pack your dog’s favorite toy to use as a reward and a motivator. 


Please wear sun protective clothing if you book during the day and pants if you plan to train during the evening. You must wear closed toed shoes. 

The Benefits of Agility


In Agility Class we will explore new obstacles and challenge your dog to conquer new terrains and obstacles which is mentally and physically fulfilling. 


If you have a fearful dog, or a dog that lacks confidence this will be the perfect group setting for them to learn the basics and grow.


This is a great class for all dog types, from puppies to adult dogs.


Challenging them with confidence building exercises, they will have to learn to be focused on their handler instead of the environmental triggers and distractions.


As you progress, your dog will be more confident in you as their handler- which will lead to a stronger and more bonded relationship altogether.

The Obstacles


Dog Walk


K9 Fit Bone Play Set


Mini & Large A-Frame


Puppy & Adult Teeters


Wobble Board




Tunnels - Small, Medium, Large Dogs


Pause Tables




Tire & Octagon Jumps


Ball Pit

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