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Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification

Please Complete the Training Application above. Some dogs may need a virtual session before an in-person one.

Behavior Modification is our program for dogs who may be facing challenges with….Reactivity on leash (barking, whining, lunging, jumping, etc.) showing signs or exhibiting clear aggression, resource guarding (territorial and/or aggressive over people, toys, food, water, bowls, bones, beds, rooms, backyards, etc.) or displaying any of the behaviors below:

💦 Insecure, over-excited, submissive peeing
🧍 Reactivity towards people on leash
🗣  Reactivity towards dogs on leash
🐾 Reactivity towards people walking with dogs on leash
🚙 Reactivity towards cars, bicycles, scooters, etc.
🌡 Selective reactivity towards males or females
⚡ Resource guarding of owner
🦴 Resource guarding of food, water, toys, bones, etc.
🏴 Territorial
🌪  Redirects on leash (biting the leash)
💥 Redirects on owner (biting the owner)
🐕 Aggression towards dogs
👫 Aggression toward people
🚫 Aggression at the vet or out in Public
🦮 Severe Fear
🐩 Fence / Window reactivity
📢 Aggressive Play
↗️ General Anxiety
🛑 Escape Artist

You book us as you want. There is no amount of sessions we require. Payment is required at the end of every session. We take all forms of payment. Cancelations are $40 if the session is missed, however if you give us 72 hours heads up the fee is waived. 






Every pup is different! The Behavior Modification curriculum includes sessions on canine aggression management, socialization with dogs, children, and adults, as well as reversal of hierarchy to reestablish you as their confidant and leader. Aggressive behavior can stem from many different variables and we will work with you to manage canine aggression to make your life more enjoyable with your dog.

In our sessions, we’ll show you how to lead with confidence and consideration, as well as how to handle pressure in a constructive and successful way. We think like pack leaders, We train you to recognize all warning signs and body postures to be aware of when your dog first exhibits signs of aggression. Also, we work with dominant and/or fearful young puppies that are already displaying early signs of aggressiveness or possession.

We employ a variety of counter-conditioning strategies to retrain your dog and teach you how to alter their behavior before aggressiveness escalates.

How long does Behavior Modification Take:

We normally begin with three to six sessions that last an hour and a half for behavior modification. They can take place at your home, in and around your neighborhood, at our training facilities, and in public, we will execute a combined curriculum of lessons (ex. The perimeter of a dog park). In any situation, your dog should be educated to maintain its neutrality and turn to you for guidance. While hosting visitors, it’s crucial that they behave calmly and feel secure both when on a leash outdoors and when off a leash within the house.

It takes a minimum of 10 weeks to change behavior and your sessions may be spaced out so it gives you all enough time to work with them on what we went over. That way at the next session you are ready to advance and progress fluently.

Sessions are often priced between $125.00 to $200.00 each. The overall number of sessions varies depending on the type of aggression, such as dog to dog or dog to person.


It means that if there’s one thing we have to change – it’s everything. – Kate Smith, CPDT

It means we have to focus on everything with the exception of obedience.  Time sensitive management protocols must be kept in place to ensure everyone’s safety is a priority. Then we must eliminate any frustration your dog is exhibiting and then the training begins. Obedience is not what we initially teach, but it can be helpful to promote in your program. We will approach each dog accordingly to the top goals we have prioritized and create a curriculum that best suits you and your dog. 

virtual Sessions

For owner’s and their dogs who are based long distance or are not yet ready for in-person training for their first session.

Starts at $125

In-Person Sessions

For dogs that need to be evaluated in-person it is suggested that a foundation assessment is the first session.

Starts at $125

Board and Train

We do not accept dogs initially into our Board & Train Program until they have been evaluated and a curriculum is created based on temperment and goals.

Starts at $125 per day

10% Off all prices For FIRST RESPONDERS

It takes a minimum of 10 weeks to change behavior and your sessions may be spaced out so it gives you all enough time to work with them on what we went over. That way at the next session you are ready to advance and progress fluently.

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