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Our Boarding Programs

advanced obedience

Traditional Board & Train

$95 – $145 daily
advanced obedience

Puppy Bootcamp

$65 – $135 Daily

Please click the link to complete a Training Application Form before purchasing any of our services.  

Which Board And Train Do I Choose?

The best method to choose a board and train program is to speak with a trainer personally, since the ideal option will rely on your goals for your dog, your schedule (if you don’t have time to train), and our puppy bootcamp, which will prepare your dog for success in future training.



What To Bring To Board & Train Program:


1 or 2 pillowcases or shirts with your scent on it that you don’t mind them
having. 1 or 2 Favorite Toys (No more than this amount please)


Leash Walking Equipment that you already have(ex. harness, leash, slip
leash, training collars). Additional Equipment like Muzzle or Remote E-Collar or Bark Collar.


Supplements and Medications (If applicable. We want to make sure your dog continues on their medication if needed.


Preventative Medications for Heartworm and Flea/Tick. We do this to make sure all dogs at the facility are protected.


Bring Your Pups Food (Bring extra just in case to ensure that they do not run out)


Long lasting bones and treats (Avoid Beefhide and Rawhide if possible). If you are not sure what long lasting treat or bone, you can text the number on our contact page to ask one of the trainers.


Just in case of an emergency please provide us with your Veterinarian Information (Name, Phone # and Address)
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