pawz-tive dog training

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How should I prepare for my first session?

To ensure every session is successful it’s helpful if your dog is extremely food and toy motivated. If your dog is taking food outside your home and around your neighborhood then that’s how you can tell if they are truly have an appetite. 

Kate will need to use positive reinforcers with your dog which can be in the form of verbal or physical affection (praise), food rewards and/or toys that engage them in play. 

If you look to the list of items to purchase beforehand and do not have them yet (don’t panic!) we will provide a lot of what you need and if you want to purchase any of our personal equipment we may be able to and just reimburse us what Kate paid for them.


Should I purchase any items beforehand?

Some items we recommend are listed below and click the AMAZON BUTTON BELOW AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE for our most trusted brands.

Slip leash 6 ft – 4 ft (3/8 inch or 1/2 inch) 

Treat pouch

Treats that your dog prefers more than anything like whip cream, fresh meat and/or fish, cheese, single ingredient dried freeze treats, peanut butter. 

6 ft comfortable leash (soft leather or quality biothane leash and nylon)

15-25 ft long line  

Martingale collar

Harness that has a back clip and/or front clip

1-2 Clickers

What type of training methods do you use?

We encourage motivation before forcing them unnecessarily – always.

Our program is a lot different than any surrounding company and we know what sets us apart. We train on the desired training gear you want – it’s up to you and us as a team whether it’s appropriate for your dog to be managed with or without certain harnesses, collars, and e-collars. We will never pressure you into making decisions that would be unethical. 

What should we expect from private training sessions?

All in-home sessions can be recorded at your discretion, so please save space in your phone to get what we cover in class on video for your reference to implement at home.

All private sessions include at no additional charge one month of remote coaching, tutorial videos on what we want you to be practicing, Q + A anytime and the ability to submit videos of the exercises we assign so Kate can be available to give you feedback on your technique and to measure your dog’s progress