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Virtual Dog Training is here at your fingertips

We are South Florida’s K9 Educators.  Our experienced dog trainers rely heavily on the emphasis on reward-based training to improve you and your dog’s relationship.

Private Zoom Sessions

Behavioral Specialists

Genetic Fufillment

Master Handler's Course

Canine Enrichment & Education

Behavior Modification Explained

Consistency is the key to success and with virtual training however there is much more opportunity for individualized instruction as opposed to training your dog in a group setting.

Private training begins with an initial consultation where the objective is to obtain a behavior history of your dog and evaluate the relationship between you and your pup. In gathering all the essential information together we can develop an appropriate and effective training plan.

Least Invasive Minimally Aversive Training

It’s not just about training the dog- we train both the owner and the dog to ensure total success.

To make sure we set you both up to win, we will train you to be able to give the direction and guidance your dog craves. Fortune favors the prepared… and we always try to be prepared for any and all things your dogs need to win.

Their overall happiness is our priority and we want to provide services that we would personally want to receive ourselves. A good dog trainer is going to answer your questions before you have the opportunity to ask them. 

Training Positively & Balanced

When you live a busy life, it is hard to consistently provide the attention and time it takes to train on your own. We will help you create a working relationship with your dog and provide structure to you both.

Your dog shouldn’t be a cause of stress in your life! Your dog should be a stress reliever and a balanced and content companion. At the same time, it shouldn’t have to punish your dog excessively to get them to listen. 


Encouragement is Everything

Pawz-tive Dog Training VIRTUAL


Resource Guarding


Alliance Aggression


Predation Aggression


Escape Artists


Severe Fear


Reactivity & Unmanagbility


Baby Prep


Interdog Aggression


Family Mediation Training


Behavior Modification



Step 1

Consult with the experts. We train to ensure long-term success. Each dog is unique and we will formulate a program that is the right fit for you and your dog.

Step Two

Start training and . . . 

Step Three

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What to Expect

If you are considering a Virtual Training Program for your dog then it’s best you know all the Pros and Cons. We offer free phone consultations to discuss if this would be the best fit for you and your dog. Spots are booked on average a month in advance and limited spots are available. The cost for the program will be customized based on your budget and your dog’s goals.

Virtual Support

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Lifestyle Management

We work on goal specifics that set a lifelong foundation with the right amount of consistency from you. 

Meet Brett Bailey

“I make sad dogs happy.”

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