pawz-tive dog training

Basic Obedience


The old adage “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” simply does not apply here for Basic Obedience- which is primarily focused on in-home training before moving on to Advanced Obedience where we work through commands in different environments.


The following instructions and objectives are implemented one-on-one with each of our client’s dogs during the basic obedience training:


🐾 Socialization with people and/or dogs
🤝 Meeting other dogs on and off leash
🐩 Potty Training – separate session
🦮 Intro to heel (walking with you on leash)
🐕‍🦺 Sit
🐶 Down
🐕 Come
🐩 Stay
🤯 Jumping and Scratching
💁‍♀️ Receiving Guests
🐕 Destructive Chewing
🗑️ Trashcan Raids
🚫 Drop it and leave it
↗️ Pawing and nudging
🐕 Demand/attention seeking behaviors
📈 Confidence building exercises
🔊 Barking
🍕 Stealing food and begging
🚪 Wait at the door
🏠 Crate Training
🏄‍♂️ Counter Surfing
🛑 Wait for food
🐕‍🦺 Digging Holes
💡 Place / Mark Training
🦮 Threshold Bolting (Escaping)

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