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Before I entered the wonderful world of dog training, I trained exclusively with horses for about a decade and also worked as a professional photographer. Fast forward to present day and it’s been four years now that I have been working as a dog trainer- using balanced methods of training and positive reinforcement techniques. I’m a current Tester/Evaluator for the American Kennel Club and an active participating member in the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. I am certified in Canine CPR & First Aid and as a Dog Handler from Alachua County Animal Services.

I have a very fun but pragmatic approach and specialize in working breeds, rare breeds and dogs who have severe cases of aggression with people, other dogs, toys and food. My methods are adopted from top dog training legends such as Dr. Ian Dunbar and Dr. Patricia McConnell. I strongly believe in continuing my education as much as possible to better serve you and your pups. My current mentors are Brett Bailey owner of whosagoodboyindustries and I am studying Nino Drowaert with STSK9.

My mission is to help families & their dogs put boundaries and expectations into place through a positive and balanced training approach. The goal is provide the structure your dog is looking for and to be able to have a harmonious life with your family. Each dog is a unique individual and is trained as such.

Kate Smith



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