pawz-tive dog training


Tools don’t train your dog, but they can be great communicators in bridging gaps between the two of you. We are experts in all tools and can help guide you through on how to start training your dog on and off leash using them appropriately and ethically. Once they are listening to you well on the leash, we can set our expectations higher and advance to off leash training indoors and outdoors.

Slip Leashes

The foundation to teaching your dog leash pressure and how to properly respond to you when taking them for a walk. Essential. 

Food & Bones

We tap into your dog’s value system and use it to our advantage.

The Harness

We highly recommend them, but there’s only a select few brands we endorse- from leash walking to sporting and protection work.


Simple and easy biological fulfillment assignments and canine enrichment activities can be the ultimate game changer for you and your dog. Essential. 


Dogtra, SportDog and Educator Technologies are the only Brands we train with for Off Leash Training. E-Collars are great for Tone Recalls (Rover come!) and also for Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Starmark Collars

An alternative and less aversive option than the Herm Sprenger

Play & Toys

Play is essential to puppy development and how a lot of dogs learn. Toys and a language of play created together can be excellent outlets and rewards for unmotivated aka “stubborn” dogs. Essential. 

Marker Training

We encourage clicking, targeting, shaping and marking actions and behaviors- Pavlovian Style. Clear communication provides clarity to your dog and is also. . . Essential. 

Herm Sprengers

These collars can be used incorrectly and abusively. It’s important to work with trainers who know how to condition your dog properly to walking on training collars such as prong collars. They are not for every dog or owner.

Long Lines

Leashes are a great tool to use in any envirnoment. Long line leashes can be up to 50ft long to give your dog more freedom and challenges to obey commands on cue at more advanced distances. Essential (or use a Flexi leash.)


Much like any other leash or collar, martingales apply pressure when there is tension on the leash. These collars are great for training dogs who are sensitive and have low energy drives. Essential. 

Retractable Leashes

We find purpose in every tool and if used properly, retractable leashes can be very helpful to training your dog in certain areas of obedience.

Transitional Leashes

An alternative leash and collar combinations for dogs who may not be able to wear collars or prefer this set up.