pawz-tive dog training


Day Camp in Sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Camp provides an opportunity for your dog to socialize, exercise and advance their basic obedience and manners off-leash, in the real world and in a pack setting. Daycare and training should be an adventure! 

What is Dog Camp?

Dog Camp is a dog walking service for friendly dogs with basic obedience and good manners. Each dog is picked up at their house and transported with their buddies to an off-leash friendly outdoor area to hike, swim, play, socialize, sniff and learn. 


Relaxation exercises


Exit and entry doorway manners


Proper dog to dog socialization behaviors


Relaxation exercises


Getting in and out of the car safely


Trail etiquette that will translate into your own off leash adventures


Name recognition


Basic obedience commands


Management of prey like behaviors


Temperament evaluations and insight


Ongoing resources and tips


Your Dog Camp provider will have a limited number of dogs in their pack, making the experience for your dog intimate and comfortable. Less dogs mean stronger bonds between the dogs, making interactions more predictable, comfortable and safe.

Your Dog Camp provider has an extensive interview process for making sure each dog has good obedience and a friendly demeanor toward people and dogs. Teaching your dog how to regulate their emotions is the foundation for good behavior.



●    A Martingale style collar

●    Name tag with owner’s name and number

●    Orange safety vest during  hunting season and appropriate winter gear


●    Nails Trimmed

●    Leave a Towel at door at drop off

●   Up To Date on Core Vaccines and Preventatives

●   At least 6 months or older

●    Be in good health and tick/flea free

●    Not aggressive 

●    Book twice a week minimum 


While at camp your dog will be practicing self regulation skills through pack walks, sit stays, down stays, recalls, calm play with people and other dogs, getting out of the house calmly, getting into the car calmly and learning how to hunt without intense arousal. 

Your dog will learn that only calm behavior gets them out that door for a day of fun at Camp. By
rewarding calm behavior we set them up to make more positive interactions with the other dogs in the car and on the trail. Dogs don’t like other dogs that don’t listen or have little self control. 

Is it safe for my dog to ride in the car with other dogs?

Yes, we practice safety at all times at camp. Every camper is taught to stay to themselves and either sit or lay down during the car ride. We teach them this to avoid rough housing while the driver is focused on the road.

They know not to leave the vehicle without a handler’s approval and we have dog proved the transportation vehicle to be safe for everyone to be in. The dogs being in the car is as safe as a child riding in a school bus.

Why should I send my dog to camp if they are already trained?

Training is a life time commitment that needs constant practice camp makes it easy for you to keep up with the training in high energy environments and proof the training you already have in high distraction areas to build focus and a strong relationship with your dog.

Camp also helps tire your dog out and socialize with trustworthy reliable friends on a daily basis. Camp also takes training to a whole different level not just practicing with you the owner but all future handlers. This is also a great way of biologically fulfilling your dogs life in a natural setting.

How often should my dog go to camp?

All camp members are required to commit to at least two days a week in order for all camp members to have the same understanding of camp and get all the benefits.

We recommend your dog enjoys camp as much as possible Tuesday through Friday for consistency and routine for all members of the pack including the non furry ones!