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puppy bootcamp

Puppy Bootcamp

Before calling to make a reservation, please Complete a Training Application so we can learn more about your expectations to better prepare for your dog’s training curriculum. 


How Much Puppy Bootcamp Cost:

Prices vary depending on your training goals but range from $125 to $145 per day.

We have 2-4 spots available at a time because we believe your dog shouldn’t be kept in a large kennel area with 20 other dogs barking nonstop.

We are selective in choosing if our Puppy Bootcamp Program is indeed a good fit for both you and your dog. And to answer all the questions you have, we are available 7 days a week for you to call and ask for more information.

Pawz-itive Dog Training

What to expect from Puppy Bootcamp:

Puppy Bootcamp differs slightly from our Traditional Board and Train Program in a number of ways. It is a shorter-term program where we also put an emphasis on fixing typical difficulties as well as enhancing your dog’s concentration and genetic fulfillment by utilizing your dog’s value system.

We will recommend and propose training equipment such as various harnesses, leashes and collars. We will teach you directly how to communicate with your dog and follow as many basic and advanced commands as we can teach you within your desired length of stay.

How long does Puppy Bootcamp Take:

We do require a minimum of 4 to 14 days for dogs 2+ months old that are in need of confidence building, potty training/potty on command (if needed), exposure therapy, and desensitization to triggers and phobias.  If the main reason for signing up is to see behavioral improvements in your dog’s socialization with people and or dogs – then we will focus mainly on those goals, however, obedience will help improve your dog’s behavior overall and we expect huge transformations with all our dogs that enroll.  

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