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Before calling (352) 474-3888 to make a reservation, please Complete a Training Application below on this page so we can learn more about your expectations to better prepare for your dog’s training curriculum.

How Many Dogs Will Be With My Puppy at Camp?

We have only 2-4 spots for all dogs available at a time because we believe your puppy shouldn’t be kept in a large kennel area with 20 other dogs barking nonstop. That is not the best learning environment for them. Yes, your puppy needs anywhere for 14-18 hours of sleep a day depending on their breed, size, diet, health and genetics. However, most puppies are not used to duration time in the crate so it’s important to let us know if your dog suffers from fear of containment in the crate, barking/whining frustration in the crate or showing signs of separation anxiety.

How Much Puppy Bootcamp Cost?

Prices vary depending on your training on how crate tolerant your puppy is and the length of stay. $100 to $145 per day. It is 50% of the total cost up front and 50% upon graduation. All graduates of 10-14 days of boarding and training with us will receive a free of charge private session at a choosing of your location. If you live farther than 20 miles from where your trainer is coming from then there is a $10-20 travel fee.

Why Is My Puppy Not A Good Candidate for Bootcamp?

If we are unable to admit your puppy for training it is because we are at capacity or we feel like your puppy falls under the training and management for a behavior modification program where we would instead schedule private in-home sessions with you. This is if your dog is displaying clinical signs of anxiety, aggression or warning signs of aggression with dogs and/or people. This program was created to be geared towards puppy’s 6 months and younger.

What SHOULD WE expect from the training?

Our top priority in your puppy’s critical socialization period is positively exposing them with nearly EVERYTHING your puppy will encounter with or without you in the future including nail trims, applying vaccines, people, dogs, cats, children’s play grounds, umbrellas, other puppies, lightning (Florida is the capitol of the world), fireworks, city noises, driving in cars, nail trims, baths, applying and taking medication that is placebos. Please keep in note it takes some puppy’s 2-3 to settle in before they eat. For low drive who do not have the best appetite’s we will use alternative motivators like verbal praise, personal play, object play (toys), and physical praise (all the pets!) We will recommend and propose training equipment such as various gear for your puppy such as harnesses, leashes and enrichment activities and ideas, toys, collars along with methods of training and managing your new family member.


Each puppy in our program enjoys as much food and we encourage them to take treats like meat, cheese, single ingredient air dried freeze puppy food/treats, whip cream and peanut butter, and (depending on how sensitive their stomach is) to learn and associate stimuli by reinforcing in a positive to avoid them becoming more fearful or potentially fearful in the future. (ex. An ambulance drives by us on our walk we will intervene and expose them positively.)

Will You Teach Obedience Commands?

The longer your dog stays- the more we will be able to work on obedience commands. We will be able to prioritize obedience if you enroll your puppy in the full two weeks or longer. However, we don’t not suggest your puppy stays longer than one month because they may develop a too strong attachment to the trainers.

We will be focusing on reconditioning or conditioning to leash pressure positively and the introduction to sit, stay, automatic heel position into break, introduction to leash manners (ex, biting on the leash), how to manage play biting (teaching fixed relaxation, down, name recognition and loading the clicker (Step One of Clicker Training) as a way to get your puppy’s attention (the opposite of clicking when your puppy does something right.)

How Long Does Puppy Bootcamp Take?

We do require a minimum of 4 to 14 days for dogs 2+ months old that are in need of confidence building, potty training/potty on command (if needed), exposure therapy, and desensitization to triggers and phobias.  The main reason for signing your new puppy up (congratulations!) who is at this point in their development – younger than 6 months old is for our training team to take full advantage in socializing your puppy and teaching them commands they do not already know and proofing the ones they do not yet.

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